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Our Services


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Architectural Design

Ar ERBa we focus on aesthetics without compromising functionality.  We endeavor to fulfill our clients' demands while being communicators, advisers, and facilitators much as working hand in hand with our customers.  We are experienced in small to large-scale projects that range from a myriad of uses as residential, commercial, governmental among many others.


Interior Design

Our interior design work reflects our ability and knowledge of materials, styles, textures, and colors. We master the integration of these in order to achieve the deserved spatial quality for the client.

Master Planning

We are capable of designing master plans in which design regulations, materiality, implementation of strategies, and codes are collected for further application and enforcement.

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Construction Management

Construction management requires administrative knowledge along with mastery of the construction process, coordination, materiality, assemblage, and finance. Our experience as construction managers of various projects, including La Bateria del Escambrón, Plaza del Quinto Centenario, restrooms at the Cuartel de Ballajá, and others on a smaller scale, have contributed to our approach and mastery of this discipline.


Construction Inspection

Inspection is essential in the process of ensuring the interests of the client and the success of the work. Our Inspection services reflect our rigor, respect for the client, and knowledge of the processes so that the final work is for the benefit of the owner.

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Site Feasibility Analysis

The success of the project depends to a large extent on the possibilities that the site provides. Our firm offers feasibility analysis services for the proposed project, as well as suggestions and ideas on probable uses and optimal design according to the needs, budget, and best interests of the client.


Program Development

We collaborate and advise in the development and design of an architectural program that meets the needs and interests of the client in harmony with the allowed zoning uses. Likewise, through meetings and interviews, we delve into the client's tastes. With this, we manage to harmonize requirements and suggestions to achieve owner satisfaction and project success.


Urban Planning

The customs, manners, and civilization of a community are largely influenced by urban design. This can create awareness, promote good customs through simple gestures such as widening sidewalks, in combination with various floor patterns, incorporation of nature, lighting, and design guides that contribute to the establishment of character, hierarchy, and consistency. At ERBa we can provide this service.

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Graphic Design

Our education and experience have lead us to venture into graphic design.  Our projects' graphical representation gather aesthetics, functionality, and aura.  Furthermore,  we have designed commemorative posters, venue invitations, and logos amongst others.  

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Federal Funding Assessment

Our background and experience of more than 17 years in the administration of federal funds have enabled us to advise on the compliance and allocation of federal funding under a variety of subsidy housing programs such as Section 8 and its modalities, CoC Rental Assistance, and Law 173, among others. Likewise, the evaluation under Section 106 of the National Historic Preservation Act of 1966 and proposals for inclusion of properties in the National Register of Historic Places (NRHP), qualify us under the requirements of the Secretary of the Interior to submit projects to the Puerto Rico State Historic Preservation Office for compliance with the Environmental Review (ER) in the pursuit of the award of federal funds.
Additionally, we have knowledge in managing FEMA funds.


Moreover, we have a consulting team in Multifamily Housing Projects development that has vast experience in combining funds from Low Income Housing Tax Credits, HOME, and Section 8 Project-Based Vouchers.


Permits Management Assessment

and Coordination

We have direct experience with the analysis, filing, and monitoring of permits. We know first-hand the applicable permit s and their  requirements, according to the needs of the client and the demands of governmental agencies. Our analytical skills and experience have allowed us to be effective in our proposals and submission of applications that result in successful projects.​


We have an in-house team with experience in construction and that is also trained in all  the disciplines that are part of this process, including budgeting. During the Design-Build process we work hand in hand with the client from the design phase to the delivery of the space key. We even provide the service of filing the Use Permit.


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