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Sacred Heart University (Sagrado Corazón)

Rosales St. and San Antonio St.
San Juan



This space allows interaction and collaboration among students, non-profit organizations, consultants, and the faculty to achieve the entrepreneurship of those who seek this service.


The Sacred Heart University (Sagrado Corazón) requested our design services for the remodeling of an existing room to house different spaces where a variety of services and orientations will be provided. We conceived the project as the composition of various spaces and uses that share a central gathering/meeting space where the ideas are exchanged amongst the parties. Our design allows for the space to be perceived as a city with a commonplace for trading thoughts.  An industrial feel has been attained.


The volumes, along with the gathering space at the center, were built in steel/aluminum.  The ceiling was painted black, so these spaces could be highlighted with their lighting and standout while framing the meeting space.  Each area has its personality, according to the use and ideas discussed.


The original terrazzo floors were preserved.

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