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Medina20200810 1.jpg

Medina Rosado


Calle B lote-171, sector La Roca,

Barrio Cabezas

Fajardo, Puerto Rico


This house was designed for avid world travelers with professions that require a lot of dedication and challenges. They are also people who love nature and Puerto Rico. Therefore, the existing plants, trees, and geology of the site were decisive in the conceptualization and design of the dwelling.  The residence is located on the top of a mountain that offers a 180-degree view of the Las Croabas de Fajardo Nature Reserve and the lighthouse of this town. The site is approximately 2,547 sq mt and has a construction area of approximately 6,865.42 sq ft (637.818 sq mt).  The program is distributed along two stories.  The main entrance to the house is through the first floor, where the common spaces are accessed.  Likewise,  entry to the terrace and pool is gained from the dining room.  The pool has an infinity edge that visibly merges with the Atlantic Ocean.  Additionally,  access to a posterior terrace is gain by sliding doors located at the back of the living room and kitchen.  The first floor takes advantage of an open plan and the use of glass.  This allows nature to be experienced inside and as part of the dwelling.

The second floor houses the private spaces as 3 bedrooms, a multifunctional space, and a roof terrace.  Views of the ocean, sunsets, and sunrises are guaranteed from anywhere in the house.






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