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Cobian's Plaza LM 

Ave. Ponce de León 1607

San Juan - PR 00912


LTDC Offices


The project consists of the remodel of an existing 1,500 square feet office space located at Cobian’s Plaza in the heart of Santurce.  The client's goal was to create a co-working open space field for one of their call centers.  


With a minimum staff of employees, we took advantage of the north corner of Cobian's Plaza ground floor that, in addition to receiving diffuse light from the north, allows passers-by and visitors to perceive the dynamics of the employees and the interior space.

Our approach is minimalist, but due to the owner's interest in games and fantastic stories, and popular culture, we made an abstraction of one of Galaga's ships. This gives the space dynamism and direction.
We use a color palette that is limited to black and white but with details that stand out in Process Yellow.

In addition to designing the space, we build it. This is known as Design-Build.


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