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Casa Naborí Hostal

Casa Naborí Hostal

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Fideicomiso de la Tierra del Caño Martin Peña

G-8: Grupo de las Ocho Comunidades Aledañas al Caño Martín Peña 

Corporación del Proyecto ENLACE del Caño Martin Peña

calle Brasil núm. 613 

en el Barrio Pueblo (Santurce)

San Juan, Puerto Rico


Hostal Casa Naborí 


The client owns a property in Santurce, which is a working-class neighborhood in San Juan, Puerto Rico. It is their intention to open this space for visitors who contribute to the initiatives of the corporations, envisioning the creation of jobs, promoting tourism in the area, and motivating the economy through the rehabilitation of this building that is currently abandoned and is used for illegal activities. The building is three stories high, features 3 arcades on each, all of them face the main facade.  The owner asked for these features to be preserved.    Consequently, our intervention highlights this architectural gesture by creating an extrusion that will be accentuated by light. It acts as a double skin that allows natural ventilation and protects from the sun, consequently helping the building to reduce its temperature.   The façade, as well as the proposed stair, is composed of a steel frame and expanded metal panels that work as a screen to filter light. 


Our intentions for Casa Naborí are to establish the main circulation and principal core at the heart of the building, to allow natural light and cross ventilation. As part of our proposal and compliance with ADA, the main entrance incorporates a ramp that surrounds the north side of the structure and welcomes the guest to the entrance and lobby. Alongside it are multiple planters with integrated benches.  On the south side of the building, is the exterior patio that functions as an extension of the dining room seating area. The roof area is established as a service Area for solar panels and heater and water cistern.

Hostels are characterized by providing shared rooms (with individual beds and bunk beds) that are offered at a reasonable price and that, due to their character, promote cultural exchange among their guests. Typically, their visitors do not carry a lot of luggage, just as their stays are not extensive.


More than 40 individuals will be able to stay at Casa Naborí.  They will also share spaces as a kitchen, a dining room, bathrooms and bedrooms. 


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