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Rincón, Puerto Rico


Rincón Gardens

Eco Hotel


The client, a traveler, and environmentalist requested our services for the design of an eco-hotel in the mountains of the town of Rincón, known for its spectacular sunsets. The terrain, with a considerable slope, more than a problem represented a design challenge that became our ally to achieve the infinity of spaces and sensations. The levels determined and served as a guideline to locate spaces that otherwise could not be exclusively tied to the experiences that this place offers.


The project was conceptualized and designed by taking advantage of the great depression on the ground so that people experience the sensation of “entering the earth” as they access the project. Like a common thread, the main circulation runs through the entire eco-hotel like a ribbon, providing the possibility of stops and detours to the user's destinations. As intermediate spaces, there are terraces, gardens, and gazebos. Likewise, on the banks of the river, spaces have been set for glamping. In addition to these, we designed 24 cabins to which land facilitates the distance amongst them.   These units have been designed with minimal footage so that the experience focuses on living in the immediate natural context.  Most of all construction materials are left exposed to respect their nature and the project’s surroundings.


Only one wall serves as an exterior preamble to the project. To experience it, you need to get on the ground.



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