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Fortaleza  360-362

Old San Juan

Fortaleza 360-362

San Juan, PR


The hurricane Maria caused catastrophic damage to the entire island. This building located in Old San Juan suffered great damage due to strong winds, hurricane rains, impacts by debris projectiles, floods, and others, all of this as a result of the direct impact of Hurricane Maria. This approximately 16,296.24 square foot building is constructed of concrete and blocks and is comprised of one [1] commercial area on the lower level and four [4] residential levels on a 4,009.56pc lot.


The tasks that were carried out as part of the rehabilitation process were the removal, replacement and/or repair of the wooden doors and wooden and glass windows located on the main facade [north]. In addition, aluminum and glass windows located on the fourth level on the east facade and interior courtyards were removed and replaced. In the interior patios, the sanitary and rainwater utilities were removed and replaced. Similarly, cosmetic cracks and corroded rod cracks were repaired. The eaves in interior patios were also removed and replaced. Likewise, the 4 facades of the project were cleaned, sealed, and painted.


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