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San Juan, Puerto Rico


Private Library for Mayra Santos-Febres



AIA Honor Awarded for Built Work

The proposal for a private library for Mayra Santos Febres - a renown Puerto Rican writer- was conceptualized through three fundamental parameters:

1. context: where the intention was to design a piece of contemporary architecture on top of an existing Art Deco building in the Condado area, consequently required us to minimize the visual impact of the new structure from the street;

2. materiality: with which we managed to utilize a minimalist vocabulary, using clean and contained lines, emphasizing the relationship between different planes of varying textures, colors, and materials and maximizing the use of poured concrete in various possible expressions;

3. program: a library, a reason for which, conceptualized the image of the building as an open book box, capable of containing and protecting the collection of the writer and al the same time becoming a working spice that opens to the natural light and the views of the urban context.

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