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Merendero de Sociales


In 2016 the University of Puerto Rico asked us for the design for the remodeling of the well-known Merendero at the Social Studies Department. Decades and inclement weather contributed for years to its deterioration and lack of security. These conditions have affected its habitability, function, and spatial quality.


Our proposal has worked on the programmatic requirements without forgetting the much-deserved aesthetics. The Project was divided into four food concessionaires, which will have its respective independent areas. Likewise, they will share the same aesthetics. In addition, we envisioned the picnic area like a "box" of lights and shadows, with patterns that will allow the passage of the wind in a cross-way manner. The light of the sun, during the different hours of the day, will provide a pattern of shadows. It will recreate a checkerboard that will change its dimensions with the passage of the seasons throughout the year.

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