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Physical and Occupational Therapy Center

Physical and Occupational Therapy Center

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Departamento de Estudios Aliados de la Salud 

2151 Avenida Santiago de los Caballeros

Ponce PR 00716


Rehabilitation Center and Integrated Services UPRP


The Ponce Campus of the University of Puerto Rico, through the Planning Office of said institution, has requested our services for the design of a therapy center aim for athletes of this campus, as well as for people from the nearby communities

This facility will provide therapy services related to neurodevelopmental disorders,  vocational, sports, and physical, among others. It will also function as an educational center that will provide training and continuing education workshops and seminars related to these and other topics.

The heat and dry climate characteristic of Ponce inspired us to create a space that makes maximum use of light. Given some developments in deserts, we focus on working with perforated and patterned metal skins, textures, and vegetation that invite freedom and movement. We intend to create a sensory space that contributes to the rehabilitation of users.

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