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Module 2 Front Elevation

Single Family Unit

ENLACE Caño Martín Peña

Corporación del Proyecto ENLACE del Caño Martín Peña


The Caño Martín Peña Corporation seeks to provide safe housing for thousands of families that have occupied the land for years, since the 1940s when they emigrated to the capital, San Juan, in search of work and a better future.


The lots where the various communities that occupy the area adjacent to the "Caño" lack sanitation and are most prone to flooding.


Our firm designed two models of residences; a single-family and another in the form of row houses. These designs will be developed and build on various lands, according to the possibility and master plan of the corporation. Our design considers and incorporates sustainable measures, as well as integrated gabled roofs, and raised the structures 24 inches above the ground to minimize flooding effects.


The single-family unit, known as Jr. Peña in the Buena Vista community, represented space and budget challenges. It was designed as an accessory building, yet it provides the space and domesticity that a dwelling needs. This residence accommodates at least 3 people.


The row houses, originally designed for the plot known as La Polilla, are made up of 3 dwellings with a variety of spaces that, although located on a lot with limited area, supplies the space needs for cars, laundry, and even one of the units is for people with disabilities.


Like “Jr. Peña's ” the row houses have gabled roofs and are raised above the ground. Each unit has the minimum required domestic spaces and, due to space limitations, this is effectively achieved, by minimizing unnecessary walls and providing a feeling of spaciousness with the installation of fenestrations that increase clarity and light through the spaces.


These designs were presented to the community as nourished by their comments and input.


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