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Bahía Apartments


Bo. Pueblo I La Puntilla Sector

Cataño, Puerto Rico


Bahía Apartments (also known as La Puntilla) will be a new multi-family housing project that will provide housing to 104 low-income families. The construction of this building aims to cover the need for decent and healthy housing for individuals who lack a decent home.  Likewise, Bahía Apartments will contribute to lessening the need for safe homes for families that lost their dwellings due to the impacts of hurricanes Irma and María in September of 2017.


Bahía Apartments (The project) will be built on a .61-acre lot. This is a 4-lot congregation. An abandoned pillow factory still stands on the land, but due to its deplorable and unsafe condition, it will be demolished.  The site is in front of the Cataño Boat Terminal, at the north of the property, which is steps away from the Public Transportation Terminal.

Bahía Apartments consists of 104 housing units that are distributed as 1 bedroom, 2 bedrooms, and 3 bedrooms. These homes are arranged along 8 of the 12 floors that assemble the project. This multiple dwelling building stands gracefully on the ground. Bahía Apartments will function as a landmark that will highlight the location of the Cataño Boat Terminal and seafront while providing a safe home for more than a hundred families.


The main pedestrian access to Bahía Apartments is located on the north façade, from where you can see the San Juan Bay. The lobby space has a double-height, highlighted by the staircase that leads to the second level. Along with the lobby, the first 3 levels of the building contain the parking trays, where space to park bicycles has been designated.  Likewise, the service areas are located along with these floors, to facilitate its access for installation and maintenance. Among these spaces are the mechanical rooms and the cisterns. The administrative offices are located on the third level, where the laundry has been strategically situated. A terrace and a lounge have been conveniently designed to function as gathering or waiting spaces while the residents wash and dry their clothes. The housing units are distributed amongst the fourth and eleventh floor. Most of the units have 2 bedrooms. The bedrooms combinations have been considered, according to the current need of low- and moderate-income families. All residences have a balcony that allows having visual access to the Bay of San Juan along with its skyline. 


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